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Off-Grid Containerised Solutions

Posted by Andrew Shaw on
Off-Grid Containerised Solutions

Off-Grid Containerised Solutions

The refurbishment of shipping containers has exploded over recent years and for good reason; they can provide a quick, temporary solution, which are cost effective, portable and adaptable.  By adding solar, you can give yourself more flexibility.  There are countless benefits to installing solar into your container.  Firstly, you have the more options for siting your container in more locations, which have previously been limited to grid connectivity.

We have come across projects in the hospitality, domestic, government and commercial sector and some of the applications have been truly creative.  From the pop up AirBnB tucked away on a remote track leading to the water’s edge of a disused quarry lake, to the staff facilities on a remote part of the railway track, to the tiny house adapted for domestic use, the possibilities are limited only by your imaginations and budgets.


 Installing Solar on a Container

When access to the grid is challenging, in terms of geographic location and cost, solar would be a good option to consider.  Installation is something which can be done onsite by qualified installers or can be constructed off-site and be deployed straight to site.  We have found that the key element to knowing if a solar container is right for your projects, is that you need to get the right advice.  Our experts at Ijo Power can take your specifications and understand your needs and get back to you, with the right solution for your needs.


We work with some of the top energy storage companies in the world, including Victron Energy and Vertiv.



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