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Off-Grid Project Examples - 3 Projects From Our Happy Customers

Posted by Andrew Shaw on
Off-Grid Project Examples Narrowboat

Off-Grid Project Examples - 3 Projects From Our Happy Customers

We know that your projects mean a lot to you, whether you are installing solar to give you the freedom of travel, helping reduce your carbon footprint on the planet or to reduce the cost of rising fuel bills, we love to hear back from you. Some of our happy customers have been kind enough to share their projects with us. 

Connor & His Family - European Road Trip

Connor got in touch with us, as he was planning to embark on a European campervan adventure with his family.  He was looking to install a lithium smart battery, as it provided the following specific advantages.

  • Greater depth of discharge
  • Higher continuous charge
  • Greater life cycle

The lithium battery combined with 495W solar panel, battery monitor, DC to DC converter and Multi Plus II meant that he could charge his battery whilst on the move from the alternator and from the solar panel simultaneously. Providing charged battery when they came to rest and cook dinner. He was delighted with the results and took the time to send us a video to say thankyou.

Derek's Barge

Derek got in contact with us as he was looking to replace his existing system, which consisted of an old inverter and AGM batteries.  He was finding that he was using his backup generator twice day as he was not able to store the energy he was producing due to the age of the batteries.  This meant that the tranquil lifestyle associated with canal living, was punctuated with the starting up of a diesel guzzling, noisy generator.



We recommended the smart batteries, Multi Plus 3000 VA, DC to DC converter (To charge the batteries when the boat was moving) and some solar panels.


Derek and his wife are now using the generator just once a week , they are considering some extra solar panels to boost the renewable sources of energy.



Peter - Less Reliance on The Grid

Peter got in touch with us as he was extending his existing setup and required 80 solar panels, which would be roof and ground mounted to supply his house, his thermal store, which heated his house and water and various outbuildings.  Peter found that his grid connection was patchy and the cost of energy was increasingly significantly, so has taken on an ambitious project to not be grid-dependent.

We are always interested in how you get on, once we have delivered your products to you, so do drop us an email and get in touch.

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